A Hearty Welcome

Our core competencies lie in the areas of transport, warehousing and additional services tailored to our customer’s needs (AVS).



We got two brand-new trucks 

As of June 2019 we have put into service two new trucks, by doing so we were as well able to further strengthen our already pretty close partnership with Granovit. The two brand-new trucks are an answer to the in part extremely demanding delivery situations that we find while serving the Granovit clients (mostly farmers). The trucks are slightly shorter than an average truck making them easier to maneuver.  Additionally these Volvo trucks are equipped with a traction system called X-Track. X-Track facilitates the driving up hill as well as handling the vehicle on slippery surfaces.  X-track is also lighter than the common four wheel drives, resulting into less fuel consumption. Equipped like this we can even serve the most remote hill farms.